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A Non-Profit Society


The School is a non-profit society, run by parent volunteers. By operating on a non-profit basis, we are able to offer dance classes at a 40% lower rate than those of other schools. One great thing about being a volunteer-based organization is the parents have a say in the running of the school. We also maintain an ongoing inventory of costumes, which also helps in keeping dance fees down.


Another way we keep our dance fees low is through parent volunteers and fundraising. All members of the Beaumont Society School of Dance must contribute a reasonable amount of time towards either fundraising and volunteer duties. A detailed list of fundraising and volunteer requirements will be included with your registration form.

Mission Statement


The world of dance, like the worlds of school and business, require many skills beyond those simply involved in the technical achievements of particular tasks. Parents and teachers of the Beaumont School of Dance believe in the importance of individual and interactive qualities and values. As a school, we are aware that dance is a discipline as well as an art.
Its benefits are achieved through meeting challenges over a long period of time, rather than from immediate success.


The individual qualities we wish to promote in our school include confidence, perseverance,
self-esteem and self-discipline. We wish to emphasize a school spirit of co-operation over a spirit of competitiveness, and the ability to enjoy and appreciate other’s achievements. We would encourage our children to take pleasure from classes and performances, as well as from their examination achievements. While recognizing the great demands that dance places on the body, we would like our children to develop a healthy body image that respects the wide variety of body types. The group skills that we consider to be important include peer support, friendship, courtesy, and performance etiquette. These are all skills and qualities that are nurtured in the home as well as within the school.


The school recognizes the achievement of these traits through its scholarships and awards, but most importantly through feedback from parents, teachers, and the students themselves. Since not all of our students will choose to dance professionally, we hope that their experience in dance is a personally fulfilling foundation for their future.

History of our School


The Beaumont Society School of Dance (previously known as Beaumont Society School of Ballet), was formed in 1975. From 1975 to 1994 the school taught the Ceccehetti method of ballet. In 1995, we switched to the R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) method of ballet. Our school offers R.A.D. ballet and tap for students from age four to eighteen. As well as ballet and tap, our school offers Modern Jazz classes and Hip Hop.


The School has had many students graduate to the Edmonton School of Ballet, Royal Winnipeg
ballet, and national ballet school. Some have since gone on to further their careers in either dance companies or as teachers. We are very proud to be able to offer this quality of dance to the residents of Beaumont and surrounding area.

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