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Tap classes are offered for the following levels:

  • Tap - Intro to Tap (New for 2023-2024)

  • Tap - Primary Foundation

  • Tap - Primary

  • Tap - Level 1 

  • Tap - Level 2

  • Tap - Level 3

  • Tap - Level 4

  • Tap - Level 5

  • Tap - Level 6

  • Tap - Level 7

  • Tap - Level 8

  • Tap - Advanced 1 & 2

  • Tap - Tap Foundation

  • Tap - Adult

  • Tap - Rhythm & Skills

To start in Tap with BSSD, minimum age requirements must be met. Intro to Tap begins at 4 years old.


Primary Foundation Tap and Primary Tap provides exposure to Tap as a discipline and basic steps are learned.


Tap Levels 1 to 8 and Advanced 1 & 2 classes are designed to teach technique that is built on each year. The teacher will customize the content each year based on the students’ abilities and skill levels within the class. Each class will consist of a warm-up, steps across the floor, combinations and learning choreography.


Rhythm and Skills is by teacher recommendation only and is a 30 minute class for Tap

Level 4, 5, and 6 and 30 minutes for Tap Level 7, 8 and Advanced. The class focuses on strengthening and mobility exercises, as well as the development of complex rhythms, which are essential in tap. Dancers are recommended for Rhythm and Skills. One of the intentions of the class is to strengthen their feet, ankles and legs for the more difficult "skills and tricks" in the advanced levels, like crawls, advanced levels of pick-ups and wings, and "tricks' like slides and toe stands. Speed and dexterity development will also be a focus, as well as more advanced rhythms, musicality and some improv skills. Dancers need to have a certain level of strength, speed and skill level already in place for the class. Many of the exercises designed to improve foot and ankle strength and mobility require a certain level of basic leg strength to execute properly. Also, dancers need to have a significant tap vocabulary already in place to be recommended for R & S. There will be different skill levels in the class and exercises will be adjusted or modified for the dancers, based on their individual skill and ability, to accommodate the different levels within the class.


Adult Tap (Back for 2023-2024)


A program that has been designed for those adults wishing to get out and get active! This exhilarating class is designed for those just beginning or wishing to get back into it, after a few years off, at a recreational level. The class runs once a week. Attendance is important, as the adults will be working towards performing a number in the BSSD year-end show. The class is customized based on the abilities and skill levels within the class and is taught in a split-level format, as there are beginners to advanced students within the one class. The reasons for the split format are so that all students are challenged based on their level and are learning something new. The Adult Competitive Class will attend one dance competition during the session.


Tap Foundation (Starting at an Older Age)


Tap Foundation has been designed for those students who haven’t taken tap before and would like to begin at an older age. Classes will include a warm-up, steps across the floor and short combinations. Tap steps will be taught at an accelerated rate, covering the basics normally taught in Primary and Tap - Level 1 in the first half of the year. The rest of the year will be customized based on the skill levels and ages of the dancers each year, to expose the dancers to the maximum tap vocabulary while still mastering proper technique. Emphasis will be divided between having fun, learning the basic fundamentals of tap and challenging the older beginner.



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