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Hip Hop


Hip-hop is a blend of today’s high-energy street style movement. Typically performed to popular hip- hop music, this style boasts that everyone is capable of taking part and having fun.

Hip Hop classes are offered for the following Levels:

  • Hip Hop - Primary

  • Hip Hop - Level 1

  • Hip Hop - Level 2

  • Hip Hop - Level 3

  • Hip Hop - Level 4

  • Hip Hop - Junior

  • Hip Hop - Intermediate

  • Hip Hop - Senior


To start in Hip Hop with BSSD, minimum age requirements must be met.

Primary Hip Hop provides exposure to Hip Hop as a discipline and basic steps are learned.

Hip Hop Level 1 through Hip Hop Senior levels classes are designed to teach technique that is built on each year. The teacher will customize the content each year based on the students’ abilities and skill levels within the class. 

It is not uncommon for students to take Level 1 through Senior for 4 or more years and then move into the next level. These classes are customized based on the students within the class, skill level, and progression ability.


Hip Hop Foundation (Starting at an Older Age)


Hip Hop Foundation has been designed for those students who haven’t taken hip hop before and would like to begin at an older age or for dancers who may have taken some hip hop previously but need to be assessed for level. Classes will include a warm-up, steps and short combinations. 

The steps learned at each level will be dependent upon the ability of those students in these classes. The teacher will customize the class to meet their needs to ensure they are continuing to learn new things. 


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