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Our Society gives monetary scholarships to be used towards the student's following year's dance fees. The teachers work together to choose a number of dancers from each discipline based on the following criteria:


  • consistent improvement throughout the year

  • attitude in class

  • ability to apply corrections

  • dedication and commitment

  • ability to co-operate with the teacher and other students

  • desire to dance

  • good grooming

  • attendance

  • knowledge of dance syllabus and technique

  • sportsmanship/teamwork

  • potential/talent

As well, there are the following school scholarships:

  • On Stage Summer School 

  • Nisku Rotary  - Ballet - Grade 2 Highest Achievement

  • Beaumont Society of Art - Volunteer Award

  • Heart of Dance

  • Thomson Rising Star

  • The Edge of Dance

  • Competition Scholarship


For many years, we have been fortunate enough to offer The Kobly Family Achievement Scholarship. Download the criteria and information HERE

We also are fortunate to offer the Grace Lutomski Spirit of Dance Award. Dancers who apply for the Kobly Family Achievement Scholarship are automatically considered for the Grace Lutomski Spirit of Dance Award.

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