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Jazz classes are organized in the following manner:

  • Jazz - Primary Foundation

  • Jazz - Primary

  • Jazz - Level 1 Foundation

  • Jazz - Level 1

  • Jazz - Level 2

  • Jazz - Level 3

  • Jazz - Level 4

  • Jazz - Level 5

  • Jazz - Level 6

  • Jazz - Level 7

  • Jazz - Level 8

  • Jazz - Advanced

  • Jazz Foundations


To start in Jazz with BSSD, minimum age requirements must be met.

Primary Jazz provides exposure to Jazz as a discipline and basic steps are learned.


Jazz Level 1 through 4 – classes consist of 10 min of barre, approximately 20 minutes of warm-up, and 20 minutes of floor steps based on their age and ability, and approximately 10 minutes of centre steps.


In the Jazz Level 5 - 8 and Advanced level, 30 minutes is spent on strength and flexibility warm-up and approximately 45 minutes on learning jumps, turns, and transition steps, as well as working on combinations. Students moving into these levels must be taking 2 classes of ballet a week, as strength, stamina, technique and flexibility are required to perform the skills within these classes that are taught. The teachers will customize the steps learned in these classes based on the age and ability of the students. 


It is not uncommon for students to take Levels 4 to 8 and Advanced for 4 or more years and then move into the next level. These classes are customized based on the students within the class, skill level, and progression ability.


Jazz Foundations (Starting at an Older Age)


Jazz Foundations has been designed for those students who haven’t taken Jazz before and would like to begin at an older age. Classes will include a warm-up, steps across the floor and short combinations.


Jazz steps will be taught at an accelerated rate, covering the basics normally taught in earlier years of Jazz for the first half of the season. The rest of the year will be customized based on the skill levels and ages of the dancers each year, to expose the dancers to the maximum Jazz vocabulary while still mastering proper technique. Emphasis will be divided between having fun, learning the basic fundamentals of Jazz and challenging the older beginner. 



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