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Solo, duo, trio requests are open to ALL DANCERS in BSSD whether they are on the Competition Team or not. Any dancer can submit a request for consideration. These are based on teacher availability and the number of requests received. The Google form to request a solo, duo or trio will be attached to your dancer's class recommendation email.

Competition Team



Throughout the year, the teachers are evaluating dancers for the competition groups. The year long classes are considered to be an audition. Invitation is by teacher discretion solely, based on dedication, ability, skill level, attendance, technique, and teamwork.


For the Jazz, Ballet and Lyrical/Contemporary groups, students must be taking a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week and one Jazz class. For the Tap student must take a minimum of 3 classes per week. 1 Ballet, 1 Tap and 1 other discipline which can be a jazz, hip hop or second ballet class. For Novelty, a student must take a minimum of 3 classes per week, 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, and 1 other discipline which can be a second ballet class. For Hip Hop they must be taking their recommended Hip Hop class. All Competition Team dancers must take either PBT or a Conditioning class offered in the schedule.

Dancers, of course, will be limited to be invited within the dance disciplines that they train in.  


Students will be asked to sign a contract in June so that the teacher can choreograph their numbers during the summer. Once the contract is signed, performing fees and release from the group are handled on a case-by-case base (i.e. medical reasons and/or moving). 


Competition is a significant commitment and the decision to join this group should be carefully considered. The contracts are specific about attendance at class and other activities, competitions, and many other expectations that are outlined. It is a dancer’s commitment to accept the invitation and the responsibility of the dancer’s parents to ensure that the contract is understood. 


Upon acceptance of the competition team invitation, you are committing to 4-6 competitions (one may be travel outside of the Edmonton area). 

Additional Questions

Questions? Issues? Concerns? Want to Send a Message to a Teacher? Please email and 



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