We are pleased to announce the continuation of our Festival Groups for the upcoming season based on the positive feedback received.


Do you want to perform in front of an audience and judges? You can now register to do so!


BSSD is proud to be offering Festival Groups this season in:


  • Novelty

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Lyrical

  • Hip Hop


These classes will be on Friday evenings and Saturday’s in the schedule. You can add them to your registration form without teacher recommendation.


The pre-requisites for these classes are as follows:


Novelty & Jazz

  • Jr. Jazz 2 and up

  • Taking Jazz as a regular class plus one other of the following disciplines: ballet, tap or lyrical.



  • Tap 2 and up

  • Taking Tap as a regular class plus one other of the following disciplines: ballet, jazz or lyrical.



  • Grade 3 Ballet and up

  • Taking Ballet as a regular class plus one other of the following disciplines: ballet, jazz or lyrical.


Hip Hop

  • Jr Hip Hop A and up

  • Taking Hip Hop as a regular class plus one other of the following disciplines: ballet, jazz, tap or lyrical. 


Dancers who register in these classes will be part of the performing group and attend all the same meetings, participate in the Performing Showcase year end show, attend 2 to 3 festivals, sign a contract, pay for their own costumes and

entry fees to festivals. 


Note: Students ACCEPTING performing invitations CANNOT register for these classes.






Throughout the year, the teachers are evaluating dancers for the performing groups. The year long classes are considered to be an audition. Invitation is by teacher discretion solely based on dedication, ability, skill level, attendance, technique, and teamwork. For the Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and the Mod/Contemporary groups, students must be taking a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week and one Jazz class. For the Tap student must take a minimum of 3 classes per week. 1 Ballet,
1 Tap and 1 other discipline which can be a second ballet class. For Novelty, a student must take a minimum of 3 classes per week, 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, and 1 other discipline which can be a second ballet class. For Hip Hop they must be taking their recommended Hip Hop class.


Dancers, of course, will be limited to be invited within the dance disciplines that they train in. Performing class(es) is an extra class on top of the regular dance training and in no means replaces regular dance classes. It is an exceptional opportunity to learn stage presence and spirit of competitiveness but dancers must be committed and motivated.


There are additional fees outside of instruction/studio fees for entry fees, costumes, accessories and make-up, as well as a flat rate performing fee to offset the additional studio and teacher time for this class. These fees are payable in June (this year by July 15) during registration. This demonstrates a dancers commitment to accept the invitation and it is the responsibility of the dancer’s parents to ensure that the contract is understood. Students will be asked to sign a contract in June so that the teacher can choreograph their numbers during the summer. Once the contract is signed, performing fees and release from the group are handled on a case-by-case base (i.e. medical reasons and/or moving). Performing is a significant commitment and the decision to join this group should be carefully considered. The contracts are specific about attendance at class and other activities, competitions, and many other expectations that are outlined. It is the responsibility of the dancers (parents) to provide the required costumes for other competition numbers.





Solo, duo, trio requests are open to all dancers in BSSD whether they are in performing or festival. Any dancer can submit a request for consideration. These are based on teacher availability and the number of requests received. Forms can be found on the Registration Packages page under the Registration tab.


Additional Questions

Questions? Issues? Concerns? Want to Send a Message to a Teacher? Please email president@beaumontdance.ab.ca 

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