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Just a reminder that we are using the Volunteer Spot program to sign up for our MANDATORY Volunteer/Fundraising duties for the season. If you have not yet signed up for either one full-day shift (8 hours) or two half-day shifts (4 hours), please do that as soon as possible!! The website will be closed for new entries as of the beginning of November!

You must work your entire 8-hour duty (or both your two 4-hour duties) by MAY 27, 2018 (recital weekend), or your $500 volunteer deposit cheque WILL be deposited. Few exceptions, including those with duties in June. If you have any issues in fulfilling your duties, you must contact Jill at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE to make arrangements for compensation.

If you have any questions about how this all works or about the duties involved, please contact the Volunteer Director, Jill Horvat, at

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