Executive Meetings

Executive Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Please be reminded that anyone is welcome to attend these meeting to learn about our school or bring comments or concerns to the Executive. Most meeting this year will be held in the Beaumont High School. Our Executive contact info can be found under the contact tab on our website.

Allergy Alert - Important

BSSD would like to remind you that there are children in our school with severe nut allergies. We ask for your cooperation in not bringing any nut products to the studio and instructing your children not to share snacks in case they contain traces of nuts. Those of you who attend weekend classes, please be particularly careful as many students may have consumed nut products for breakfast. Please ensure your child’s hands are thoroughly washed before leaving for the studio. We realize that this may pose an inconvenience when preparing snacks for those who have classes right after school, and we want to express our appreciation for your support and understanding about this severe allergy. Shou

Volunteer Spot

Just a reminder that we are using the Volunteer Spot program to sign up for our MANDATORY Volunteer/Fundraising duties for the season. If you have not yet signed up for either one full-day shift (8 hours) or two half-day shifts (4 hours), please do that as soon as possible!! The website will be closed for new entries as of the beginning of November! You must work your entire 8-hour duty (or both your two 4-hour duties) by MAY 27, 2018 (recital weekend), or your $500 volunteer deposit cheque WILL be deposited. Few exceptions, including those with duties in June. If you have any issues in fulfilling your duties, you must contact Jill at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE to make arrangements for compen

Season Start Assessments

For those who are new to BSSD this year and also to our returning membership, just a reminder that during the first 2 to 4 weeks of the dance season, the teachers assess all the students to ensure that they are in the class best suited for their skill level. In some cases, students may be moved up levels or down depending on how they are doing in relation to the class syllabus. Our goal is to ensure that students are being challenged but not overwhelmed. We want to provide a positive learning environment where students can be the best they can be. If an assessment decision is made after the mid-October deadline, we will handle these on a case by case basis. If your dancer is one of those aff

Bottle Drive Update

Our September Bottle Drive was a success! Thank you to all parent volunteers, dancers and executive members for your hard work! THANKS, once again, to Royer Homes for their continued support with the provision of refreshments for our workers. We very much appreciate your generosity!

Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival Pre-Sale

Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival Pre-Sale June 15 - 17, 2018 Weekend Pass SALE: just $75.00 Once again, the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival is pre-selling Weekend Passes for their 2018 event but just until December 31, 2017, at a reduced price point. If you love live music and wish to support this all-Canadian festival that takes place right here in our little town, this is a perfect opportunity to get your tickets early. They would make GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS, too!! Part of the proceeds of these ticket sales will come back directly to BSSD as a bit of a fundraiser, so you’ll also be supporting Dance in the process. Win-win! Contact Lynn for more details 780-955-8811 allthingsvaughan@gmai

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