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Parent Observation Week

Parent Observation Week is November 27 - December 2

Our first (of two) observation weeks will be held November 27th to December 2nd, inclusive, during your dancer’s regular class time(s). This is a wonderful opportunity to see your child learn in the class environment.

The teachers will run through their classes as usual, giving everyone the opportunity to see what they normally work on. Some students will be thrilled to have an audience and will show their best work while others will be distracted and nervous by the attention. It is important to the teachers and students that observation of classes be limited to these times so that the student remains focused and attentive to our teachers.

Parents, grandparents, and siblings are welcome! Please NO FRIENDS. As we have only 2 observation weeks per year and limited space available, we want to ensure family members have seats.

REMINDER: Parent Observation is for REGULAR dance classes ONLY -- it does NOT include Exam Prep, Performing or Stretch classes.

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