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BSSD Successful RAD Exam Studio

We are so fortunate to have 2 certified RAD exam instructors on staff with BSSD. Ms. Sandie and Ms. Erin. It takes 2 years to become certified internationally to offer the RAD Program and they must continue their training each year as the syllabus is constantly evolving. Their years of experience and knowledge, have helped develop the strong ballet technique our students have that help them in all their other dance disciplines. All our students have achieved Merit and higher. Just this past weekend for approximately 34 spots for the AB Ballet Production of the Nutcracker – 6 BSSD students were given roles through the audition process. Anna Duchscherer auditioned for the National School of Ballet and was accepted for the fall/winter session. Sydney Downie will be doing her Solo Seal Exam in March in Vancouver. We’ve had Abbey Reid qualify and go to London to participate in the Genee, an International Ballet Competition of the best of the best.

The goals of the exam classes is to offer a second class a week for students to learn the skills and if they are ready to be invited to exam. Ms. Sandie and Ms Erin will be making these decisions over the next month and a half to submit entries by the November deadline. If your dancer receives an invite you will receive a letter indicating they can exam if they wish and what the extra fees are. If your dancer is not being invited to examine, they too will receive a letter with information as to why and what the teachers feel they still need to work on to be successful. The teachers want to set them up for success. Many parents wonder if their child does not exam does that mean they will be required to repeat the grade. No, often they will continue to progress with their class and reach exam standard after additional training.

We are so thrilled to have so many students working towards exams by taking the exam prep class and we are so proud of our teachers and students who have achieved such successful results.

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