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Staying connected

BSSD Family,

We know that you are missing being at the Studio and having regular dance classes. We are missing you as well.

We have met with our teachers and they are working on pulling together an information sheet on how to stay in shape and keep dancing at home. Ms. Taylor and Megan Archibald are working on a video workout that you can do at home. As well, our teachers will on a weekly basis also be sending out links to an application called BAND App, with tips of the week, things to practice, or new steps to learn. Your teachers will send out a link for you to join their BAND App and we will be forwarding instructions on how to use it. Through BAND App you will be able to ask your teachers about the information they have shared with you.

We will also be sending out links via the Facebook page about FREE online classes being offered by other instructors and dance organizations.

We look forward to staying connected with you and providing resources to help you keep dancing while we patiently wait to return to the Studio and for the COVID-19 situation to resolve.

Keep watching your emails and the FB page for regular updates and information sharing.

BSSD Executive and Teachers

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